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Morehead conducts The Magic Victrola

Premiered January 15, 2015 in the Civic Opera House, Chicago
Written by David Kersnar and Jacqueline Russell
Directed by David Kersnar, conducted by Philip Morehead
Featuring music by Mozart, Bizet, and others

“It’s never too early to introduce kids to all of the wonders of the opera! When the lights dim at the Civic Opera House, you’ll meet two children who stumble onto their grandparents’ old trunk and discover it’s filled with props, opera albums and, of course, The Magic Victrola. Little eyes and ears get treated to full sets, costumes, and beautiful music by Mozart, Bizet and other classical masters, as performed by members of the Ryan Opera Center and the Lyric Opera Orchestra. This performance filled with enough on-stage fun and pop culture surprises to keep young audiences engaged and the entire family entertained.

60 minutes of fun and music for kids ages 5-10
Featuring members of the Ryan Opera Center plus the Lyric Opera Orchestra”

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